Warrior Lock Throat Reg Max

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For the 2017 season, Warrior Sports has combined two of their best-selling Revolution and Evolution lines and has introduced the Warrior Regulator Max X Unstrung Lacrosse Head. The Regulator Max X is engineered for maximum power and stability. The MAX technology is designed to reinforce areas to dramatically increase durability and stiffness. The Regulator Max X also has SYM-RAIL technology that reduces the weight and adds stability by shaving the inner sidewalls to match the outer sidewalls.

The difference between the Warrior Regulator Max X and the Warrior Regulator X is within the thickness of the sidewalls as the Regulator Max X is designed to deal out some serious punishment to the opposing player.

What makes the Regulator Max X so special is its new LOC-THROAT technology that eliminates shaft rattle and adds stability. As the head is screwed onto the shaft the LOC-THROAT flares out to provide both internal and external pressure for a secured fit. This head is not compatible with certain shafts that are solid by the screw holes. Check before buying.

Warrior Regulator Max X has a mid-high bottom rail configuration which will provide a mid-to-high pocket with plenty of whip for high velocity shots. Utilizing the patent pending Tilt-Tech string hole design, this will give stringers many options to get the right tension for improved ball release.

If you are a defensive-minded, hard checking defenseman or midfielder, the Warrior Regulator Max X Strung Lacrosse Head is for you.