Effective September 2021 we will begin buying gently used sporting goods.  We will buy only on Saturday and Sunday.

Why Trade or Sell With Us?

If you're looking to sell your lacrosse equipment, Lacrosse360 makes it safe and easy. Our team of experts will evaluate your gear, make you an offer on qualifying items.  

When You Sell With Lacrosse360

  • You don’t have to worry about packing or shipping
  • There’s no waiting for potential bids or buyers
  • We don’t have any fees
  • No meetups with a stranger
  • Get paid same day
  • Hassle Free

How It Works

  • Get Equipment Ready (Give it a good cleaning - for best offer)
  • Bring it in (with valid identification)
  • Receive an offer (within 4 hours depending on how busy we are)
  • Get Paid (cash, check, gift card or trade up)

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of equipment can I sell or trade in?  Some examples of items we buy
  • Heads (HS or X Spec only)
  • Shafts
  • Complete Sticks
  • Helmets (Cascade S, XRS only)
  • Gloves
  • Arm Pads/Guards
  • Chest Protection (2021/22 compliant only)

How do you determine the value of my gear?

  • When you bring your equipment in, an associate will evaluate the item based on several factors, including condition, market desirability and current stock levels.  We base our offer on a percentage of what we plan to sell it for.
How does Lacrosse360 pay me for my equipment?
  • All payments for equipment sold at Lacrosse360 are made same-day. We pay in the form of cash, check, Lacrosse360 Gift Card or Trade Up Credit


Your Health & Safety Is Our Top Priority - all gear traded in will be inspected, sanitized, cleaned and/or reconditioned as required before we put on our showroom for resale.