Burn Helmet

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HERE'S WHY THIS GEAR IS AWESOME ◦ JAWS Protection is an integrated chin piece flowing into the shell of the helmet adding an extra layer of protection to the cheek and jaw bone. ◦ ADAPTFIT 270 by BOA - Located in the rear of the helmet, the BOA Closure System surrounds the head 270 degrees, giving players a custom fit helmet for safety and comfort by allowing micro-adjustability on the fly. Dial in the perfect fit. ◦ VICONIC PROTECTION - A historic approach to head protection focused on safety first. Focused impact zones in the occipital lobe and temples are reinforced wih a lightweight diffusion plate called Viconic. Viconic absorbs miltiple impacts both linear and twisting and spreads thema cross a wide surface area. The Diffusion of force is not one material's responsibility. The one-piece shell and EPP foam filling liner is the core of safety, forming a lightweight barrier that helps provide protection against catastrophic injury. ◦ BURN COMFORT LINER - made of energy absorbing VN Foam to provide an elite level of comfort and protection. ◦ Expanded base to provide the best in class ease of entry. ◦ Offered in three sizes (L, M, S) to provide each player the correct shell size to provide the proper level of comfort and protection. ◦ Select from 15 shell/chin colors, 10 mask colors and 8 chin strap colors and select decal package options. ◦ Meets/Exceeds all NOCSAE Standards and SEI Certifications ◦ Weight: Small - 2.25 lbs / Medium - 2.4 lbs / Large - 2.6 lbs ◦ Retail Box included NO HELMET IS CONCUSSION PROOF OR CAN GUARANTEE AGAINST ALL HEAD INJURIES. NO HELMET SYSTEM CAN PROTECT YOU FROM SERIOUS BRAIN INJURIES INCLUDING PARALYSIS OR DEATH. TO AVOID THESE RISKS, DO NOT ENGAGE IN THE SPORT OF LACROSSE